Most pizza enthusiasts know the Ooni story and how they began life as a Kickstarter campaign and went on to revolutionize the backyard pizza oven and introduce an entire generation to the joys of open flame high temperature baking. I liken it to pizza oven 2.0, analogous to how the dynamic Internet 2.0 superseded the original static HTML Internet.

Search for the term “pizza oven” and you’ll find a series of small pizza oven reviews done by the major media outlets, along with reviews by specialist sites. Long gone are the days when Forno Bravo held the top and the second search result in Google for the term pizza oven.

Today Ooni wins many, if not all of the major reviews and it has almost single handedly spawned an entire pizza oven review industry. Interest in high-end pizza and Pizza Napoletana has never been so high, and never has so many high temp pizzas been bake.

The original Ooni kickstarter campaign took place in November 2012., and a lot had happened over the past 10+ years. They were just getting going when I left the industry in late 2014. The company has evolved beyond its small, pellet-fueled roots to make gas-only ovens and multi-fuel ovens that can operate on wood, gas, or charcoal, and in both 12″ and much larger 16″ sizes. Along with expanding its product line, the company’s global footprint has equally exploded.

We were walking along the Main Street in Aosta, Italy (in the Dolomites), during a stopover between Florence and Beaune, France, and I was struck to see three different Ooni ovens on display on the sidewalk of a tiny, in-city hardware store (brico.) That was the first time it sank in for me just how large Ooni had become.

Just how big is big? Ooni is a privately held company based in Scotland, and they make their financials available for review. And the answer is big.

West Lothian-based pizza oven company Ooni has reported record turnover for the year (2021) at £208 million (about $253 million), up from £57.2m in 2020, signalling 254% growth.

Ooni has grown exponentially, selling its innovative range of pizza ovens and accessories in over 90 countries worldwide.

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254% grow is a lot, particularly coming out of the outdoor cooking boom in 2020 fueled by the pandemic.

2022 brought another $254 million in sales.

It’s impressive that Ooni managed to keep revenue flat for 2022 at $254 million. That’s a real win considering what the rest of the outdoor cooking industry went through coming out of the pandemic. They effectively held onto the growth that they had in 2021.

The bad news is they went from $55 million in operating profit in 2021 to basically none in 2022. This was attributable to them increasing staffing, and incredibly high freight costs at the end of the year.

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That’s more than half a billion dollars in sales over the past two years, and nearly $600 in sales in the past three. Throw in 2023 and the earlier years, and you’re pretty close to a billion dollars worth of Ooni equipment out in the wild.

That’s wild. That’s a lot of Ooni ovens out there that would benefit from a Biscotto di Sorrento baking stone. Some quick back of the envelope tells me that at an ever sales price of $500 and allowing for some of the older oven no longer in use, gives you about 2 million ovens.