• Biscotto di Sorrento baking stone for Carbon pizza oven
  • Easy installation takes just a few minutes
  • No tools required, just slide it in
  • Stop burning the bottom of your pizzas
  • 15x15x1″ (35mm)
  • More than 60% thicker than the 0.62″ standard firebrick floor
  • 5 lbs

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Authentic Biscotto Baking Stone For The Carbon pizza Oven
Max out the dual top and bottom burners in the Carbon oven

Replace the stand Carbon firebrick floor with an authentic Biscotto baking stone for a crisper crust, softer crumb, and a bigger, better cornicione, plus better heat retention for better roasting meats and better baking bread. And stop burning the bottom of your pizzas.


Our Biscotto stone can be easily installed in the Ooni Karu 12 or Karu 12G in just a few minutes — no tools required. Just slide it in.

Thicker. Better

Our Biscotto stone is 0.8″ (20mm) thick, that’s double the thickness of the standard 0.62″ (5/8″) firebrick stone that comes with the Carbon oven. You get a lot more heat retention for baking multiple pizzas in a roast and for roasting and baking bread. And you can stop worrying about burning the bottom of your pizzas.

Make more great pizza.

Even the Carbon floor cools down after baking a pizza. A Biscotto baking floor absorbs and stores more heat (just like a battery), before evenly and gently releasing that heat to bake great pizzas. That means you can cooking multiple pizzas at a time.

Maximize your bottom burner

The Carbon’s bottom burner is the perfect match for an authentic Biscotto stone. Get a thick Biscotto di Sorrento stone for better pizza.


This the real deal—Biscotto stones made by hand in Sorrento using alluvial clay from Mount Vesuvius. These are the same baking stones used by the famous pizza oven manufacturers in Naples.

MORE ON THE Carbon oven

The first dual-heated backyard pizza oven. This gas-powered oven features a patented under-brick burner so you can confidently cook back-to-back crispy pizzas without losing floor heat. Carbon is more than a pizza oven – reach temperatures exceeding 950ºF to cook anything from veggies, meats, desserts, and more.

  • Separate upper and lower burner
  • Available in Propane or Natural Gas
  • What’s in the box: Carbon Oven, gas regulator and hose, brick, and premium launch peel
  • Collapsible legs for easy storage and transport
  • Temperatures reaching up to 950+°F
  • Stainless steel interior construction

Overall, there’s no question you can cook awesome pizza in this oven. The biggest hurdle is the price. I would have liked to see this closer to the $500 mark. The build quality seems a bit closer to the Bertello lineup than it does Ooni or Gozney, and the cooking surface is a bit smaller than I’d like. But since it cooks great pizza, I can’t NOT recommend it.


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