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What Tools Do I Need for My Pizza Oven

If you are using a small portable pizza oven, such as an Ooni or Gozney, you really only need a single rectangular pizza placing peel to place and turn your pizzas. Turning your pizzas is a little clunky with a square peel, but you can do it. If possible, you should buy a round turning peel. You’ll see why it’s so much easier as soon as you try using it. If your oven didn’t come with any tools, buy perforated peels if you can. They let excess flour fall away from your pizzas so it doesn’t go into the oven and burn.

You’ll should also consider getting a natural, or soft brass/copper brush so you can clean your cooking floor between pizzas (be careful to only use a natural brush if you are using a Biscotto stone, as they can easily scratch). While the Ooni oven floor can be easily taken out, the Gozney Roccbox and Dome floors are built in.

If you are using a mid-size oven, either steel or refractory, or a full-size refractory pizza oven, you will need all three of those three tools. A placing peel, turning peel and brush.

If your oven is wood burning inside the oven (a true Black Oven), not in a little hopper in the back, you should consider an Oven Rake for moving and managing firewood and coals when you are cooking and an Oven Shovel for moving hot coals when you’re cooking and cleaning out the oven.

Optional tools include a utility peel, a bubble hook, and a log splitter.