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Vermiculite Concrete (Floor)

Vermiculite concrete, like perlite concrete is a type of insulating concrete that works well under a pizza oven floor. If you can’t find, or afford, CalSil board, vermiculite or perlite concrete is your next best choice. It’s less expensive than CalSil board, and easier to find, though it is a lot more time consuming to work with. You can find both vermiculite and perlite with free shipping on Amazon. You will need to mix it with 5:1 ratio by volume of perlite to Portland cement, and build a form to hold it in place while it dries. It will drive very hard, just give it time. Because it is roughly half as efficient as CalSil board, you will need a 4″ layer for a residential pizza oven and 8″ for a commercial oven.

Note. Vermiculite and perlite concrete have very similar insulation ratings.