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Turning Peel

A turning peel is a round pizza peel with a smaller head and different shape for a placing peel. It’s used to rotate your pizzas while they are cooking inside the ovens, so they bake evenly. A turning peel head is typically between 6-9″ round. The turning peel handle is usually round, tubular metal, which allows a glide to slide up and down the handle and the operator to rotate then turning peel’s head—making it easier for the pizzaiolo to turn a pizza by rotating one hand.

A residential turning peel can be made from either anodized aluminum or stainless steel, and the head can be solid, or perforated, where the perforations allow excess flour to fall away from the pizza when it’s lifted off the cooking floor. Perforated peels are typically more expensive, but they’re a nice feature. Commercial turning peels are usually made from stainless steel, because the head of the peel spends a lot of time inside the hot oven, which will break down an aluminum head over time.

The length of the turn peel handle depends on the size of the oven, there the turning peel for a countertop is about 36″, a mid-size pizza oven peel is about 48″, and a peel for larger residential or commercial oven is about 60″.