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Traditional Igloo Enclosure

The Igloo is a catch-all phrase to describe a dome shaped masonry enclosure for a refractory pizza oven. Because it basically looks like an Igloo.

There are a number of variations on the theme, including the Naples dome enclosure, with its distinctive elliptical dome shape, the Australian dome enclosure, which leaves the bricks that form the oven vent exposed, and various dome shapes, featuring barrel vault rear sections, and different chimney shapes.

The shape of the Igloo enclosure can be built a number of ways, including packing vermiculite concrete around the oven dome’s insulating layer, wrapping the oven dome’s insulating blanket with chicken wire, and shaping the dome shape with thin rebar. Typically, the Igloo dome is finished with stucco and painted, while the oven opening and landing can be finished with a range of materials, including ceramic tile, brick, stone and even finished concrete.