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Terracotta Bakeware

Terracotta bakeware has played a significant role in culinary traditions throughout history, and it works really well in a pizza oven. Its use can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it served as a reliable and efficient material for baking many dishes. The natural clay composition of terracotta allows it to absorb and distribute heat evenly, making it ideal for baking bread, pastries, and other oven-baked goods.

Terracotta bakeware made in Spain, Italy or Portugal is affordable and beautiful, and it comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You’ll love using it.

One thing. Be sure you’re buying real terracotta bakeware, not terracotta color ceramic bakeware that might break in your oven, and doesn’t have the porosity and traditional characteristics of real terracotta. And be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction on curing your new terracotta bakeware before its first use.