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Small Rotating Ovens

Rotating ovens are cool. The pizza oven floor rotates slowly, so you, the Pizzaiolo (pizza chef) don’t need to turn the pizza two or three times to make sure your pizzas are evenly cooked on all times at the same time. You need to do this because the edge of the pizza closest to the heat source, either a gas, wood, charcoal or pellet burner, or a wood fire, alway cook faster. No matter how efficient the oven dome design and the oven vent design, and oven chimney design, and how perfectly your ovens breaths and convection moves are in your oven, the side with the heat source will always be hotter.

To address this challenge, the round oven cooking floor, either cordierite, firebrick, cast refractory or Biscotto stone, is placed on a turntable with an electric mortar and it turns. That’s it.

There are a number of large, expensive dome commercial pizza ovens with a rotating cooking floor, and now, there are small, portable pizza ovens, roughly the size of an Ooni or Gozney, that feature a rotating floor. One is Witt Pizza. They have a rotating oven that incorporates two burners (dome and floor) that makes a 16″ pizza in about 60 seconds. It’s expensive at $1,000 and it’s made by a relatively unknown producer in Denmark.

There is also an Ooni Hack to turn a Koda 16 into a rotating oven using a rotisserie motor.