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Pizza Oven Type Overview (brief)

Portable pizza oven. 12-16″ square, easily picked up and moved, cooks one pizza at a time and not much else. Fueled by pellets, wood, gas, charcoal, or a hybrid (only one at a time).

Electric indoor ovens. 12-16″, reach maximum temperatures ranging from 550-850ºF, cook one pizza at a time, indoors using a standard electrical outlet.

Small rotating oven. 12-16″ round cooking floor that rotates using an electric motor for even pizza cooking, cooks one pizza at a time, and not much else. Gas-fired.

Small countertop oven. 16-24″ wide, 20-24″ deep, rectangular cooking floor, metal oven with a larger opening than a portable oven. Can only make one pizza at a time, but it can do more than just make pizza. Usually gas-fired. Using set on an outdoor kitchen counter, occasionally have a small stand.

Mid-size steel oven. 24-32″ wide, 24-28″ deep, square or rectangular cooking floor, larger opening, can cook 1-2 pizzas at a time, with space to cook more. Wood, gas or hybrid (gas and wood at the same time). Can be placed on a metal stand or countertop.

Mid-size refractory oven. 24-32″ round, larger oven opening, cooks one or two pizzas at a time, precast dome and firebrick floor retain heat, cooks in lots of different way. Can be placed on a metal stand or sturdy countertop.

Full-size steel oven. 36-44″ wide, 28-36″ deep, cooks multiple pizzas at a time, can feature external vent and better insulation. Can be placed on a stand or countertop.

Full-size refractory oven. 36-44″ round, cooks multiple pizzas at a time, excellent heat retention, requires longer firing time. Requires a masonry stand.

Precast pizza oven kit. 24-44″ round, mid-size to large, come with a refractory oven dome fabricated in multiple pieces to be assembled on-site, typically 1.5-3″ thick, firebrick cooking floor, typically 1.5-2.5″ thick, typically available with different grades and thicknesses of insulation, sometimes with a chimney.

Precut brick pizza oven kit. 36-44″ round, large, kit with precut bricks to assemble handmade brick oven, comes with floor, insulation and chimney. Good value, but very (very) labor and skill intensive.

Cast onsite pizza oven kit. 24-40″ round, mid-size to full-size, comes with mold and refectory castable to cast 2″ oven dome on-site, 2″ firebrick cooking floor, thick, high-grade insulation, chimney.