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Red Clay Brick (Dome)

Red clay bricks, characterized by their distinctive hue resulting from iron oxide content and the firing process, are a durable and popular construction material. Composed of clay, water, and additives, these bricks undergo high-temperature kiln firing, ensuring strength and resilience against weathering. The versatile applications of red clay bricks encompass residential, commercial, and industrial construction, where they are utilized for building walls, facades, pavements, and structural elements. Beyond their durability, these bricks offer natural insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency in buildings. The aesthetic appeal of the warm red color adds a traditional and timeless charm to architectural designs. While red clay bricks are appreciated for their sustainability, the overall environmental impact also depends on factors such as mining practices, transportation, and manufacturing energy consumption.

But can you use one to build a pizza oven?

For the dome, yes. If you are seriously budget constrained, you can swap out the more expensive low to medium-duty firebrick typically used to build a pizza oven dome for a red clay brick. We don’t recommend it, but if you choice is an oven with a red clay brick dome or no dome, by all means, build a red brick dome.

For the floor, no. They will spall and fall apart to quickly and all your work will be lost.

Last note. This applies to true red clay bricks, not red color concrete bricks. You should only use those for your walkway.