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Hi there. If you’re considering building a refractory (or masonry) pizza oven in your back garden, welcome. We’re here to help. I’ve been designing, building and using brick, cast refractory and stainless steel pizza ovens for the past 25 years, and I know what works, and what doesn’t. I founded Forno Bravo in 2003, designed all of their ovens, set up large scale manufacturing in the US., and then sold the company in 2015. I’ve been doing lots of things since then, and I recently got back into the industry.

Biscotto di Sorrento imports authentic Biscotto stones for Ooni, Gozney and other pizza ovens, and we support DIY pizza oven builders. We’ve created this website and Knowledge Base to try to cut through the clutter of misinformation out there. The Internet (and YouTube in particular), is a minefield of bad sites giving bad recommendations. One of my favorites is the YouTube channel for Artisan Made (75K subscribers) who made a series of videos on building a Pompeii Oven (I wrote the book) that has been watched 170,000 times, which is a complete disaster. He tried to scape some of the data off the Forno Bravo Forum (I created that in 2005), and he completely got it wrong. He can’t even copy someone else’s work properly—just to get click ads on YouTube.

And beware of Lowes, and everyone else telling you to build an uninsulated barrel vault oven using hollow core clay bricks. The oven is terrible, you won’t be satisfied, and for just a little bit more time and effort (and not a lot more money) you can build something that will work great.

So again, welcome. Feel free to ask lots of questions. We can help you build a great oven that will work well, and we can help you save a lot of money in the process.