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Portable Pizza Ovens

The market for small, portable pizza ovens has exploded since Ooni successfully did a Kickstarter in November 2012, and Gozney introduced the Roccbox in 2016. Ooni and Gozney are both successful, with Ooni hitting it out of the park and reaching annual revenues of $250 million. That’s a lot of $400 pizza ovens.

The concept is excellent. Build a small appliance just large enough to bake one pizza at a time (12″ to start, while later ovens were 16″) that effectively mimicking how a real masonry oven works. The design is pretty simple. A burner at the back of the oven blows the heat from burner, either gas, wood, charcoal or wood pellets, across the stainless steel metal dome where it heats dome, and bounces down to heat up the ovens thin, cheap cordierite baking stone. Because the oven chamber materials are very thin, the ovens heat up quickly—15 minutes to reach 900ºF and bake one pizza. The oven is not fully heated after 15 minutes, but it’s enough to pop out one pizza.

Following Ooni and Gozney, three companies came out with ovens that had new innovations.

In 2017, Bertello allowed for simultaneous wood and gas-fired cooking (sort of, in reality you can add wood for flavor to a regular gas-fired oven). With the Ooni and Gozney, the multi-fuel options only allow for one fuel at a time. You have to swap burner kits, and in many cases purchase an extra burner kit. Bertello (then called Napoli) did their Kickstarter for a dual-fuel oven in 2017, and then appeared on “Shark Tank,” Season 11, Episode 15 of the show.

In late 2020, Carbon was the first oven to offer both top and bottom (dome and floor) burners.

In March 2022 Solo Stove, known for their excellent, no smoke fire-pit introduced Solo Pi Pizza Oven, the first truly portable wood-fired pizza oven without an external vent and chimney.

In summer 2022, Witt introduced a dual burner ovens with a rotating cooking floor.

Today, Ooni has a product line with eight different ovens, and Gozney followed up Roccbox with the Dome, a $2,000 countertop or stand oven that can do more than just pop out pizzas one at time. The Dome has received very good marks from reviewers and users.

Over time, the price of the brand name ovens has crept up, and there has been a slew of imitators for all quarters of the world, primarily, though from China—where both Ooni and Gozney build their ovens.

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