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Pompeii Oven (plans)

The Pompeii Oven is a free eBook provided by Forno Bravo that contains instructions on how to build an authentic Italian brick pizza oven using standard firebricks and locally sources materials. The book has been downloaded a very large number of times and it has helped a large number of hobby builders realize their dream of building and owning a true brick one. The book has become something of an industry standard, with various pizza oven suppliers and building material suppliers using the book and its instructions as the basis for their products. One criticism of the book is the amount of time and expertise required to build the oven. A second comment is that most builders build a hemispherical dome, where the oven dome height is equal to the radius of the cooking floor, and that it is very difficult to hand-build a low dome Naples-style oven, while a number of precast and cast onsite oven kits feature a low dome design.