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Utility Peel

A utility pizza is a round pizza oven tool used to move pots and pans, wood, hot coals and ashes in a wood-fired pizza oven. It is slightly larger than a turning peel, which is typically 6-9″ round and smaller than a rectangular placing peel, which is typically around 12-16″ wide and 14-18″ deep. It is usually made using stainless steel, which can withstand the high temperature of a pizza oven, as it can spend a lot of time in a very hot oven, and it’s typically made of a heavier gauge of steel than a turning peel.

A utility peel would be considered an optional oven accessory for a homeowner oven, and a necessity for a commercial pizza oven operator.

The handle of a utility peel can be either anodizes aluminum or stainless steel, and the shape can be a round or rectangular tube. Handle length varies depending on the size of the oven, and type lengths are 36″, 48″ and 60″.