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Pizza Party (company)

Pizza Party is an Italian company (Florence, Italy) that designs and manufactures countertop and mid-size steel ovens was founded in the early 2000’s, in the early days of the wood-fired pizza oven (Forno a legna) boon. The original oven was the wood-fired “Pizza Party Jolly 70 x 70″—which is actually a 24×24″ interior cooking floor oven. 70x70cm, or about 28×28” is the exterior size). The oven was a hit, and there was a lot of demand around the world, particularly in the US. The company chose to sell direct, through the Internet and word-of-mouth to keep costs down. There were a few Italian pizza ovens being imported into the US at the time, such as Mugnaini, where the importer middleman significantly inflated the product cost, to the benefit of the importer and the detriment of the Italian manufacturer.

Remember that this is the funky oven with the chimney in the back, not outside the front of the oven, or at the front of the oven chamber or even in the middle of the oven chamber.

Since those early days, Pizza Party has come out with a number of new products in different sizes, including more traditional ovens with the vent at the front, larger size ovens, and ovens that are gas-fired, and hybrid gas/wood fired.

In 2020, the company changed hands.

From 2020 the Pizza Party company of Villani Marisa changes and the Pizza Party brand is managed by Genotema SRL Unipersonale maintaining the quality that has always distinguished Pizza Party products

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