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Pizza Oven Floor Insulation Design

Be sure to use at least a 2″ layer of CalSil board insulation under your oven floor, and upgrade to 4″ if you are going to be doing a lot of high-volume pizza baking, or retained heat cooking.

You can get by with 4″ of either vermiculite or perlite concrete insulation, which is roughly equivalent to 2″ of CalSil board. But the cost isn’t that much lower, and the amount of effort is much higher. Don’t waste time mixing CalSil board with insulating concrete. If you want more insulation under your oven, buy a second 2″ layer of CalSil board.

Avoid complicated schemes with sand underneath the cooking floor. It’s old-fashioned, inefficient and a waste of time to build.

Avoid using either ceramic board insulation or ceramic blanket insulation under your oven. Ceramic board insulating will compress and sag/sink over time, and putting ceramic blanket insulation under the oven floor simply doesn’t work. The blanket compresses under the weight of the oven and it stops working.