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Pizza Oven Enclosure Design

Your pizza oven enclosure serves a number purposes, notably keeping your oven dry, holding your oven dome insulation in place, giving you a nice landing to stage pizza, and pots and pans going in and out of the oven, and making your oven look nice.

Design options to consider include finish material, enclosure shape and the oven landing design.

Finish materials including stucco, stone and brick, while mid-size stainless oven enclosures are typical made using powder coated steel. Some offer stainless steel options, which are more expensive, don’t look as nice and tend to rust.

Enclosure types include a number of different Igloo and exterior dome designs, various barrel vault designs, and hipped, gabled and flat roof design.

The oven landing can range from non-existent, such as a portable pizza oven, to a landing large enough to hold pots and pans in a mid-size to large masonry oven. Be careful to not set the oven opening too far back from the front edge of the oven stand, no more than 9-10″. If the landing is too large, it will be difficult to reach the back and corners of the oven for cooking.