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Pizza Oven Chimney Design

There are three basic ways of connecting a chimney system to a residential pizza oven and two ways of connecting a commercial pizza to a chimney, or ducting system.

A residential oven can use either a single-wall stainless chimney systems, a double-wall stainless (UL103HT) chimney system, or a site-build chimney system using an insulated clay flue liner. The stain steel systems are attached to the oven vent using a stainless anchor plate, known as direction connect. For a majority of outdoor installations, a single-wall chimney system is the right choice, as it works very well, will last as long as your oven will, and is cost-effective. For any installations involving Set Backs from combustible materials, indoor or outdoors, you will need to use a UL103HT double-wall chimney system.

Commercial ovens can be installed in two ways. Either using a direct connect UL103HT double-wall steel chimney system (following local building codes) or a Type 1 commercial hood connected to a grease-duct ventilation system.

Always follow local codes.