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Overview of Alfa pizza ovens

The Alfa product line is a total disaster. They change product lines names and styles all the time, they don’t tell you how large the different ovens are (without you having to do a lot of deep research), and they most of their marketing time and energy on spin, making up nonsensical MyMagicTechnology™ yada yada. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to make sense of it, and we can’t, and we’ve talked with their dealers, and they don’t understand either. They end-of-life products pretty differently, and don’t make it clear which new product is the closest replacement. It is an intentional way of marketing (bluster), and just ineptness. We’re aren’t sure.

The problem is made worse by their choice of reseller network. Along with the major online retailers (BBQ Guys, BBQ Authority, Patio and Pizza), they decided to work with the barbecue grill, hot tub and wood stove distribution channel, a large group of small, local retailers. The sales people at these companies will only be vaguely familiar with a small number of their best-selling products, and they won’t have the slightest clue about pizza ovens. Look closely, and you will notice that many of the Alfa “dealers” don’t even list pizza ovens, let alone Alfa, on their websites.

And finally, Alfa is an Italian company, that sells they sell different model ovens in different countries globally, and they have different websites, each translated into multiple languages. So you might find yourself looking for a product on the Italian, or European website, that’s not available for sale in the US.

Try to understand the product line strategy, Alfa seems to have different product lines based on the oven enclosure style, rather than the inside measurements and material choices. That makes finding an oven the suits your requirements is very challenging.

Let’s say you are looking for a 24×24″ steel oven, with a hybrid gas burner. Or a 24×32″ steel oven, gas burning. Which oven do you go for?

Classico—which comes in 2 Pizze and 4 Pizze

Moderno—which comes in Portable, 1 Pizza, 2 Pizze, 3 Pizze and 5 Pizze

Futuro—which comes in 2 Pizze and 4 Pizze

Limited Edition—a promotion featuring ovens painted in special colors with laser cut images in the stainless door representing different Italian cities. But which ovens? Which sizes? Alfa has always been a company that relies on shiny new models to boost margins, rather than sticking to what matters—building a superior oven and a fair price.

Not to mention all of the discontinued models, sometimes available on closeout sale, sometimes not. It isn’t clear how long support and replacement parts are available for discontinued models. Recently discontinued ovens include Allegro, Brio, Alfa One, Alfa 4, 5 Minuti, Stone, Dolce Vita, and Ciao. Good luck making sense of all of it.