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Oven Rake

Oven rakes are available in number of head designs, including metal “T” and “L” shapes. Oven rakes are used to place and move firewood and hot coals inside a burning pizza oven, and to push cool ash when you’re cleaning a cold oven. You can also use a rake to push and pull hot pots and pans in an oven, while cooking. In a way, an oven rake and utility peel perform a similar function, and which one you purchase is a matter of preference. An oven rake is considered a “highly recommended” accessory for a home oven.

The rake handle can be made from wood, aluminum or stainless steel, in a round or rectangular shape. Handle lengths range from 36-60″ inches depending on the size of your oven. Because you use an oven rake to move burning wood and hot coals in a very hot oven, be sure the handle length you select is long enough for your oven.