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Small Countertop Pizza Ovens

The small outdoor countertop pizza oven market fills the niche between the small, portable pizza ovens, capable of pretty much only popping out one pizza at at time, and the larger, and much more expensive mid-size steel or refractory pizza oven market. These are true dome ovens that do more than just make one pizza at a time, that are smaller, easier to deal with, and less expensive than their larger mid-size oven relatives. They don’t have a stand option, because they not really big enough for a stand. You just set it on your outdoor kitchen counter. Cute as a button.

For some, it’s the Goldilocks scenario, not too big and not too small, while for others these fun ovens are just too small and limited, and quite expensive for what they are capable of cooking.

The bloodline for these ovens comes from the mid-size steel oven marketplace—with one exception, the Gozney Dome. Seeing the success their Ooni and Gozney competitors were having at the low-end, a number of producers jumped in to make single pizza ovens using the materials and techniques they were accustomed to using. Fontana, Clementi and Alfa all make small ovens with a stainless dome, reasonable insulation and a firebrick cooking floor.

Let’s start with size. A typical countertop oven is somewhere between 16-24″ wide and typically wider than it is deep. If you are using a gas burner, which is typical for these small ovens, you can cook more than just one pizza at a time. Think roasting a chicken with a small vegetable side dish, of grilling a whole chicken.

At the high-end, these smaller siblings come with a pretty steep price. The Fontana Forni Maestro 60 gas, a 16″ deep x 24″ wide oven is $1,900. The Gozney Dome, a 18.5″ deep x 21.6″ wide oven, is $2,000. That’s a big jump from the $399 Ooni Koda 12, and despite its amazing list of great features, the Gozney Dome has a very low oven opening that seriously limits what it can do.

To us, $2,000 for an oven with such clear limitations is a bit of a stretch.