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Ooni (company)

The original Ooni kickstarter campaign took place in November 2012., and a lot had happened over the past 10+ years. They were just getting going when I left the industry in late 2014. The company has evolved beyond its small, pellet-fueled roots to make gas-only ovens and multi-fuel ovens that can operate on wood, gas, or charcoal, and in both 12″ and larger 16″ sizes. Along with expanding its product line, the company’s global footprint has equally exploded. Today, Ooni ovens are sold all around the world, and the company enjoys annual sales of more than $250M. Not bad for a Kickstarter company.

So far, Ooni has only decided to produce portable ovens. We’ll see if they follow Gozney’s lead and venture into the small countertop oven market.