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Molino Caputo (company)

Since 1924 Molino Caputo has been grinding carefully selected wheat and producing high-performance flours, authentical and genuine. Its art has been passed on year by year over three generation: Carmine Caputo, back from the States, founded a mill and a pasta-making factory in Capua.

If you’re interested in hearing how New Jersey-based Orlando Foods brought Caputo flours to the US, listen to Fred Mortati’s interview by Peter Reinhart on Pizza Quest.

Caputo makes a wide range of flours for different purposes, though in the US they are know primarily for their Tipo 00 pizza flours. Originally, they produced Tipo 00 Pizzeria flour, which was blended specifically to perform in hot, 800ºF+ pizza ovens, and gained a wide and very vocal following, but with home pizza making enthusiasts and pizzerias. This is the one in the blue bag.

More recently, they developed and introduced Tipo 00 Chefs flour, a blend designed to produce excellent results at lower temperature pizza making, such as conventional ovens with a pizza stone or pizza steel, and in mainstream commercial deck pizza ovens that make pizzas between 450-700ºF. This is the one in the red bag.