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Medium-Duty Firebrick, Tapered

One way of minimizing the number of cuts and shims required to build a Pompeii brick oven is to purchase tapered medium-duty firebricks. These firebricks are thicker on one of the long, 9″ sides of the brick than a standard 9×4.5×2.5″ firebrick and more narrow on the other side. When stacked, these bricks make a natural arch without using a mortar joint that this thicker on one side, and that doesn’t require shims.

The Brick Oven Kit from The Firebrick Co (Australia) uses tapered firebrick.

The problem is that tapered firebricks are made in China, Vietnam and India, and they are extremely difficult to find, and even if you can find them, they are probably very expensive. That is one reason why the pizza oven kits from The Firebrick Co are a reasonable deal.