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King Arthur Tipo 00

Everyone loves King Arthur Baking products. They’re an employee-owned company, with excellent product quality, and they’re a great source of baking information.

But things aren’t quite as clear with their Tipo 00 flour. Remember that Tipo 00 is an Italian definition for flour milling fineness and ash quantity, not an overall description of the flour, so it is possible to mill a Tipo 00 flour using harder American wheat that does not have the same baking characteristics—silkiness, extensibility, light dough hole structure, moderate chew, flavor, char, as a high-end Italian Tipo 00 flour, such as Caputo.

From the Palapizza review site:

King Arthur is usually some of the best flour you can get in the United States and are at the top of everyone’s lists. However, their 00 flour can be really expensive when compared to the prior brands. While this flour is milled to 00 standards, the wheat blend includes both soft wheat (common for Italian 00) and hard red wheat, which is more unusual. Note: do not confuse “King Arthur 00 Pizza Flour” with “King Arthur Pizza Flour Blend”, the latter of which is a mix and match of various ingredients (including Diastatic Malt Powder) that produces subpar results.

Our recommendation is to start with Caputo flour—Tipo 00 Pizzeria flour for a high-temperature pizza oven (800ºF+) and Tipo 00 Chefs flour for conventional ovens. Get your workflow and pizza dough down to where it’s repeatable and consistent, and only then try different flours, including King Arthur Tipo 00 and Central Milling Tony Gemignani blend.