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Is Caputo flour worth the extra price?

Yes. Definitely, yes.

There are a couple of fundamental anchors to the world of Pizza Napoletana, and Mulino Caputo flour, along with Naples pizza ovens and Biscotto baking stones, is one of them.

Caputo blends of the highest quality grains and uses ultra-slow milling techniques requiring many passes to achieve the silky, elastic dough we all love, a dough that stretches so far before it tears. A dough that give your wood-fired pizza a light and airy texture, rich flavor, a beautiful leopard spotted crust and an enormous, delicate cornicione. Mess around with your hydration, mixing and fermentation time until you get something that’s just great. And then stick to it for a while. Who knows, maybe a lifetime.

Only after you’ve done that, and developed a reliable, repeatable workflow for making consistently great pizza at home should you then try to venture out and see what you make of Central Milling Tipo 00 (Petaluma, CA) and King Arthur Tipo 00.

But start with Caputo. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.