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How much does a masonry pizza oven stand cost to build?

About $400.

That’s for a full-size 36″ oven with a typical 8″ landing in front of the oven, not including the stucco finish layer, paint and the decorative landing material. There are three component that make up the cost of the stand–the reinforced concrete foundation, the concrete block stand, and the reinforced concrete hearth.

The cost would go up and down incrementally with the size of the oven, and whether you are adding other elements to your outdoor kitchen, such as cabinets and work surfaces, a built in grill, fireplace, stainless steel doors over the ovens’ wood store and under the work surfaces, etc.

The time to build the masonry pizza oven stand is roughly 3-4 hours, spread over two woking days to allow the concrete foundation to begin to cure before you assemble the block stand. The oven hearth itself will also need to begin to cure before you start building your oven.

Considering that metal oven stands for mid-size metal ovens cost around $700, and they’ll eventually rust and get thrown away, $400 is really good value for something that has timeless appeal and will basically last forever.

Foundation 56x64"
Concrete mesh 48x84"119.9819.98
Concrete 80 lb sack14
Block Stand 48x56"
Concrete blocks 8x8x16"402.80112
Rebar 0.5"x20'111.4811.48
Concrete 80 lb sack26.8213.64
Concrete hearth 48x56"
48x96x0.5" plywood114.9814.98
Concrete mesh119.9819.98
Concrete 80 lb sack106.8268.2