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How do I stop burning pizzas in my Ooni?

You want to make great 60-90 second Pizza Napoletana pizzas in your Ooni. We get it. But it can be challenging. You bring your oven up to full temperature in about 15-20 minutes, you check with your infrared thermometer and see 900ºF, and you launch and go. But things from that point onward are a little complicated. Sometimes the bottom of your pizza starts to scorch and go from a nice chocolate brown char to a bitter tasting burn (read black) before the top of your pizza develops some great leopard spots and your mozzarella starts to reach that beautiful brown char.

You’ve tried various techniques, including turning the temperature down just as you launch your pizzas. You turn your pizzas a lot. You try doming your pizzas earlier in the bake to get the top to finish before the bottom burns.

You’ve discovered something fundamental about Pizza Napoletana.

The fabulous Naples pizza ovens are made with Biscotto stones from Sorrento, Italy. They absorb the heat of a pizza oven fire and release it into the pizza more gently, with a slower heat transfer than the standard Ooni cordierite pizza stone. What is clear is that the entire Pizza Napoletana high-heat baking style is based on a specific type of cooking floor material.

The good new is that Biscotto stones are available from Biscotto di Sorrento for all the Ooni ovens at a reasonable price from our warehouse in the US.