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How big is that pizza oven, really?

Many pizza oven producers make it difficult for you to understand how big their oven really is, and of course the marketing department is always trying to make something sound bigger than it really is, so things can be confusing, at best, and misleading at worst. The best way to understand how large an oven really is, is to understand the size of the interior oven chamber. That’s the part of the oven you cook in.

For a round oven, you will typically see the diameter width defined in inches, and the total depth in inches. Be aware that many producers will tell you that the depth of their oven is the distance between the back wall of the oven and the front edge of the landing. This is wrong. The area under the vent, often called the vent landing, isn’t part of the oven. It’s the area where you place pots, pans and pizzas as they are going in and out of the oven, and you don’t cook anything there. As a rule of thumb, unless the oven chamber itself is oval (there aren’t very many of these ovens), simply take the diameter of the oven width and call it round.

Then, once you know the size, you’ll know what the oven is capable of cooking. Which is what you want.

Here it is in table form.

24" round oven28" round oven32" round oven36" round oven40" round oven
10" pizzas12345
12" pizzas11223
1 lb. (8") loaves of bread4791114
Roasting pans1 — 15"x10"1 — 18"x13"1 — 15"x10"1 — 18"x13"2 — 18"x13"
Tuscan grill10"x10"10"x10"13"x15"13"x15"13"x15"
Heat up time2025354045

And here it is in visual form.

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For a square, or rectangular oven, you might need to do some clicking around to find the physical size of the oven chamber. In general, you’re looking for the width and depth in inches. For a small portable pizza oven, this is not big deal. These ovens basically cook one 12″ or 16″ pizza at a time, and the actual size of the oven doesn’t really matter.

For a countertop pizza oven, or mid-size steel oven, things might get a little more complicated. These ovens are typically square or rectangular, where the oven chamber is wider than it is deep. The most typical sizes are 16×16″, 16×24″, 24×24″, 24×32″ and 32×32″, but you’ll need to look for the ovens you are considering.

But what can you actually cooking in ovens this size? The oven producers will tell you that you can make four 10″ pizzas in a 32×32″ square oven. Take this with a grain of salt. First, you probably don’t want to make a bunch of small 10″ pizzas, and second they are making unrealistic assumptions on how closely you can put your pizzas together in a mid-size oven, and how much space the fire takes up. This isn’t a big deal, but be realistic about what your oven can do.

Here it is in table form.

Here it is in visual form.