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Gozney (company)

Gozney is a UK-based company (Bournemouth) that has offices in the US (Park City, UT) and produces its portable and small countertop ovens in China. The company started making refractory ovens and precast oven kits for homeowners and restaurants, primarily in the UK, before coming up with the Roccbox, one of the first metal portable pizza ovens, and moving into the mainstream sub $500 pizza oven market. The company later came up with the Dome, a roughly $2,000 small countertop of that cooks with either wood or gas. Initially, they offered a wood-only version of the Dome, but now only sell the version with the gas burner installed. The Dome is not a typical small countertop oven, as it features a very low opening that limits the number of things it can cook, but it gets good reviews for its innovative design and appearance.

At the end of 2022, Gozney had sales of roughly $125 million.