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GI Metal

Gi.Metal is an Italian company headquartered in Montale, Pistoia (outside Florence, Tuscany), with subsidiaries in Chicago, United States, and Curitiba, Brazil. The company is dedicated to collaborating with both professional and amateur pizza makers to comprehend their unique challenges and requirements. Their mission revolves around developing innovative solutions that enhance the daily operations of pizza makers, aiming to simplify and improve their work.

CEO Marco D’Annibale emphasizes the crucial role of gathering insights from pizza makers in the product development process. According to D’Annibale, the opinions and needs of pizza makers are integral to shaping Gi.Metal’s products. The company places a strong emphasis on actively listening to the feedback of pizza professionals, enabling them to continually refine and optimize their range of professional instruments tailored for pizzerias.

Gi.Metal sponsors pizzaiolos and teams in competitions, they produce over 1,000 pizza-related products, including product lines dedicated to hobbyists, prosumers, pizzerias and ultra high-end pizzaiolos, and they have numerous resellers in the US.