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Full-Size Assembled Precast Pizza Ovens

If you want a real refractory oven—you want to bake multiple pizzas as the same time, grill, roast, bake batches of hearth bread, and make Thanksgiving lunch outdoors, and you don’t want to build an oven yourself, and you can’t find anyone reliable to build one for you, most of the pre-cast pizza oven producers make fully assembled versions of their oven kits. You can pick your oven size, enclosure type, finish materials and color. There are a couple of drawbacks for you to be aware of.

Assembled full-size precast pizza ovens are available from Forno Bravo, Mugnaini, and Chicago Pizza Ovens.

Cost. All of this luxury and convenience comes with a price. A full-size assembled masonry oven will cost $7,000-$15,000 or more, and shipping will be very expensive. For example, a 40″ Igloo design oven from Forno Bravo is priced at nearly $6,000, plus shipping, without a stand, while a price of a 39″ Mugnaini assembled Prima oven ranges between $11,500-$14,500.

Access. These ovens are enormous and they require a forklift and wide access to the place where they will be set down.

Matching Materials and Design. Your outdoor kitchen will almost certainly have more elements than just the pizza oven, and you will want to make your oven, manufactured in an off-site factory to match the rest of your kitchen — including the oven stand. Matching color and materials can be a little challenging. Also, your oven is going to set down by a forklift or a crane on a stand that you will have built in advance, and it will take some care and planning to make sure the oven looks as though it was built and finished at the same time as the stand.

If you have the budget, then desire and the access, buying a full-size assembled refractory oven is a great way to go.

If you are looking for an assembled brick oven—an oven made by hand using discrete bricks, be prepared to spend even more.

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