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Forno Venetzia (company)

Forno Venetzia (Chicago, IL) is an importer of pizza ovens made in China that they design. They go out of their way to hide where the ovens are made, including on their product listings on their reseller’s sites on Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, BBQ Guys and BBQ Authority. Which is sort of a shame.

This is from their website.

Our Design team is located just south of Venice Italy and is supported by  dedicated Quality Assurance professionals and a full team of engineers.

With warehouses in Chicago Illinois and Toronto Ontario we proudly support major retailers and independent specialty dealers across North America.

Forno Venetzia website

I’m not really sure what a “design team” in Italy, supported by QA professionals and engineers means. And they don’t want me to. It’s a small company located in Chicago that makes their stuff in China.

Think of Forno Venetzia as a halfway house between the three-four Italian pizza oven companies, who are actually Italian, and design and manufacture their ovens in Italy, including Alfa Forni, Fontana Forni, Clementi, and Pizza Party, who (with the exception of Pizza Party) are very expensive, and Ciao Bella Pizza Ovens, Empava and Kucht, who are just buying stuff you can find on that is designed and manufactured in China.