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Forno Piombo (company)

Forno Piombo is a US-based (Napa, CA) producer of expensive handmade brick pizza ovens made in the US, and an importer of Chinese designed and manufactured precast pizza oven kits and mid-size refractory ovens that you can buy from other importers (See Ciao Bella Pizza Ovens). That’s a strange mix. Carefully handcrafted, premium brick ovens made in California, combined with the straight import of Chinese ovens they just pass straight through, and have little to no control over. Those are polar opposites, packed into the same company. Weird.

They produce and sell a limited number of handmade brick ovens each year, but there is something confusing about their terms of sale.

When you buy a wood fired brick oven from Forno Piombo, you’ll get to experience the best wood fired pizza imaginable. Each unit comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 2-year warranty. You’ll be able to experience using one of the best wood fired pizza ovens on the market for years to come.

Forno Piombo website

We aren’t sure what the difference is between a guarantee and a warranty. The ovens are expensive with a 36″ assembled brick oven starting at about $15,000.