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Electric Indoor Pizza Ovens

There have always been indoor electric pizza ovens—after all, a $49 toaster oven is capable of re-heating a frozen pizza. What’s new is the wave of high-end kitchen appliances capable of reaching 750ºF or more, and making real Pizza Napoletana. Today, the Ooni Volt ($899), Breville the Smart Oven Pizzaiola ($999), Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 Indoor/Outdoor Oven ($399), PYY Electric Pizza Oven($169), Cuisinart Indoor Pizza Oven ($349) and Chefman Indoor Pizza Oven ($349) are making it possible to make an excellent, high temperature pizza indoors, perfect for anyone without a backyard or terrace where you can use a portable or outdoor countertop pizza oven. These ovens are easy to use, with no fire or gas connection to worry about, and you can use them indoors when it’s cold, raining or snowing outdoors. These ovens plug into a standard power outlet, and use two separate heating elements to effectively mimic how a real gas or wood-fired pizza oven works.

Of course, there are some differences. Only the Ooni and Breville ovens can reach the high temperatures necessary for making 60-120 second pizzas, as their high prices reflect. The Ooni claims the Volt can reach a maximum temperature of 850ºF in about 20 minute and bake a pizza in about 90 seconds. Breville claims their oven reached 750ºF and bakes a pizza in two minutes.

For the less expensive models, the Cusinart claims to be able to reach 700ºF in about 20 minutes, the Ninja reaches 700ºF and allows you to add wood pellets for a smokey flavor, and the Chefman claims to reach 800ºF. The less expensive PYY oven tops out at 572ºF, not really hotter than a conventional oven.