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Do I need to add vermiculite concrete over the insulation blanket for extra insulation?

No, you don’t.

You don’t need to if you properly insulation your dome with 3″ of ceramic blanket insulation, but you might want to as an easier way of shaping your oven’s Igloo exterior dome enclosure shape.

The question at hand is whether it is easier to shape your enclosure using chicken wire directly oven the blanket insulation, or to layer 1″ of vermiculite concrete (10:1 ratio of vermiculite to Portland cement) on top of your insulation blankets. Both work well, and you can find experts to say that both are the “right” way to go, so it’s basically up to you.

But don’t confuse the best method for shaping your enclosure with the “need” to add vermiculite concrete to an oven that is under-insulated. We recommend a full 3″ of dome insulation, because ceramic insulation is easy to use and cost-effective.

When you see Countertop and Mid-Size Steel pizza ovens with an exterior vermiculite concrete shell, that’s usually a signal that the oven was inexpensively made. The producers is using a thin (1/2-1″) layer of low-grade, inexpensive insulation and making up for that poor build quality with an external layer of vermiculite concrete.