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Criticisms of the small, portable pizza ovens

  1. Portable pizza ovens that burn charcoal, pellets and wood have a small firebox (typically about 6 by 9 inches), which means you have to continually add fuel to keep the oven hot, often waiting to make sure the fuel ignites.
  2. They’re pretty expensive for what they do—which is basically make one pizza at a time.
  3. The cordierite cooking floor transfers heat too quickly into the pizza, burning the bottom. You can fix this by buying a Biscotto stone and swapping out the cooking floor.
  4. They need to be re-heated to cook more than one pizza in a row. If you only fire your oven for about 15 minutes and cook one pizza, the stone cools down to much to make the next pizza without waiting for it to re-heat. You can fix this by buying and Biscotto stone and preheating your oven for an additional five minutes. If you do this, your baking stone will absorb enough heat to make multiple pizzas on a row.
  5. They only do one thing. Pop out pizzas. If you want to more, such as roasting, grilling, and baking bread, you should consider an Outdoor Countertop Oven or a Mid-Size Metal or Refractory oven.

But that’s it. In general, the reviews for most small, portable pizza ovens, at least those from the A-tier and B-tier producers are excellent across the board.