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Cone (or Atmospheric, or Torch) Burner

Cone, torch or atmospheric burners are placed outside the pizza oven cooking chamber, typically underneath or behind the oven cooking floor, and are designed with a Venturi tube effect, a specially shaped tube that create a low-pressure area that draws in surrounding air. This well-mixed air-fuel combination is then ignited in the combustion chamber, producing a stable flame in the shape of a torch. These burners basically blow a column of heat into the dome of the oven chamber that bounces onto the cooking floor, mimicking the effect of a wood-fire. Atmospheric burners are known for their simplicity and reliability, making them suitable for many pizza oven applications.

Because the body of the burner is located outside the oven chamber—the top edge of the burner lines up with the top of the cooking floor, the burner itself is never exposed to the high temperatures inside a pizza oven, making it much more durable, and less likely to burn out.

If you are planning on installed an Avanzini burner in an outdoor refractory oven, but sure to work with the supplier at the very early stages of the build. You will need to leave a round opening the in the hearth, and cut an opening in the floor insulation and floor tiles, and you will need to order a burner that is made specifically for the thickness of your hearth, floor insulation and cooking floor. That’s because the burner attaches to the bottom of the oven’s hearth, and the top of the burner needs to line up accurately with the top of the cooking floor.

Here is a list of ovens producers that use the Avanzini burner, where you can buy one for the oven your are building.