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Comparison of Small Countertop Ovens, including Prices

The table below is a comparison of both small wood-fired, gas-fired and hybrid countertop steel ovens. These ovens range from a small 16×16″ cooking floor, capable of cooking one pizza and not a lot more, to larger ovens capable of making two small pizzas and cooking a wider range of dishes. These ovens are all smaller than an entry level 24×24″ mid-size steel oven, so they are smaller, less capable and less expensive. A few have optional stands available, but their general design has feet, and they’re intended to be placed on an outdoor kitchen counter.

One thing to be aware of when you’re considering a small countertop oven is that the wood-fired versions of these ovens are very space constrained, because of the size of the oven and the space required for a wood fire. There are a few that are wide enough to accommodate both the fire and your pizza, but just know that a very small, wood-fired oven will have lots of limitations to go along with its low price.

As was the case with the mid-size wood-fired steel oven and the mid-size gas steel oven comparisons, Pizza Party does very will in this comparison. They ovens are made using high-end materials, and because the sell direct in the US market, they provide the best value.

OvenFloor Size (d x w)Floor Real EstateFloor MaterialFuelBTUOriginPrice with shipping
Alfa One Nano16x20"320FirebrickGas27,000Italy$1,400
Alfa Moderno Portable16x16"256FirebrickGasItaly$1,300
Alfa Ciao16x28"448FirebrickWoodItaly$2,200
Alfa Moderno 2 Pizze20x24"480FirebrickGasItaly$2,800
Fontana Maestro 4016x16"256FirebrickGas23,000Italy$1,349
Fontana Maestro 6016x24"384FirebrickGas
Cru Model 3013x18"#NAME?CordieriteWoodPortugal$495
Cru Model 32 G224x24"576FirebrickWoodPortugal$775
Clementi Clementina16x24"384FirebrickWoodItaly$899
Pizza Party Adore16x16"256FirebrickGasItaly$880
Pizza Party Emozione16x28"448FirebrickGasItaly$999
Gozney Dome19x22418Cordierite, 1.2"HybridChina$1,999
Gozney Dome S119x22418Cordierite, 1.2"GasChina$1,499