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Comparison of Mid-Size Steel Ovens (wood), including Prices

Check out the table below comparing the mainstream mid-size stainless steel wood-fired pizza ovens, sized roughly between 24×24″, 24×36″ and 32×32″. We have information on size, materials, price and country of origin.

One of the things that jumps off the page for us is what good value the Pizza Party ovens are. If you can get past the funky shape.

We’re hoping this table will help you decide which wood-fired mid-size steel oven to buy. If you think we should provide more information, let us know, and we’ll improve this article.

OvenFloor Size (d x w)Floor Real EstateFloor MaterialOriginPrice with shipping
Alfa 4 Pizze24x32"768FirebrickItaly$3,400
Fontana Margherita24x24"576FirebrickItaly$2,500
Fontana Mangiafuoco24x32"768FirebrickItaly$3,300
Fontana Marinara32x32"1024FirebrickItaly$4,200
Cru Champion24x24"576CordieritePortugal$1,750
Cru Pro 6024x24"576FirebrickPortugal$2,500
Cru Pro 9024x36"864FirebrickPortugal$3,400
Pizza Party 70x7024x24"576RefractoryItaly$950
Pizza Party Pizzone24x32"768RefractoryItaly$1,440
Ciao Bella Primo25x29.5"737.5CordieriteChina$1,350
Ciao Bella Quattro30x34"1020FirebrickChina$2,800
Rossofuoco Benni24x32"768Italy$2,400
Rossofuoco Luisa24x32"768Italy$3,000
Forno Venetzia Torino24x32"768FirebrickChina$2,500
Forno Bravo Medio2824x28"672CordieriteUSA$2,895
Forno Bravo Grande3224x32"768CordieriteUSA$3,495