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Comparison of Mid-Size Refractory Ovens, including Prices

Forno Bravo created the mid-size refractory oven in 2008 when they introduced the Primavera series ovens. They are available in 24″ and 28″ rounds, and feature a cast dome, firebrick floor and excellent insulation. Importantly, they are designed to be light enough for two strong people of carry and set in place, without mechanical assistance.

Mid-size refractory ovens are roughly the same size as mid-size steel ovens, generally between 24-32″ round. The dome is cast as a single piece of refractory material, typically between 1.5-2″, covered with 2-3″ of ceramic insulation and finished with waterproof stucco. The cooking floor and be either firebrick or cordierite, with firebrick a far superior option. Unlike steel ovens, that give up their heat as soon as the fire goes out, mid-size refractory ovens perform very in all types of wood-fired cooking, including high temperature pizza making, grilling and roasting with hot coals, and with retained heat. Mid-size refractory ovens and steel ovens are similarly priced.

Be aware that Forno Piombo, Casa Fiero and Ciao Bella are all basically the same oven, designed and manufactured in China. Sure, they try to hide it. Personally, I would not purchase an oven from a company that can’t tell you the truth about where the ovens come from.

If you are looking for a fully assembled 24-30″ refractory oven that you can put on a metal stand or on an outdoor kitchen countertop, get the Forno Bravo Primavera.

OvenFloor Size (d x w)Floor Real EstateFloor MaterialOriginPrice with shipping
Forno Bravo Primavera2424" round452.16FirebrickUSA$3,500
Forno Bravo Primavera2828" round615.44FirebrickUSA$3,800
Forno Piombo Santino7028" round615.44FirebrickChina$3,850
Forno Piombo Enzo8032" round803.84FirebrickChina$4,200
Fiero Casa Orto7028" round615.44CordieriteChina$2,600
Ciao Bella Leone28" round615.44CordieriteChina$3,100
Mugnaini Piccolo 7530" round706.5FirebrickItaly$6,600