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Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron pots and pans in all shapes and sizes are perfect for use in a pizza oven. They can easily withstand the temperature of the oven, and they do a great job of absorbing high temperatures and transferring it to whatever you’re cooking. You can experiment with skillets, grill pans and dutch ovens, with and without the lid.

In the US, we’re lucky to have Lodge, who makes great products at very reasonable prices. Heck, a 10″ skillet is still less than $20. No need to find the Chinese knock-off. Be sure to season and look after your cast iron bakeware, and it will last a lifetime. Try not to use soap when you wash it, dry thoroughly and season it with vegetable oil from time to time and you will be richly rewarded.

Try pre-heating a cast iron grill pan to put some serious grill marks on a steak, sliced vegetables, or a whole fish.