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Cardboard Pizza Oven Mold

Cardboard is an excellent material for building a pizza oven mold used for a Cast in Place pizza oven. It’s affordable and it can be accurately cut to build precise dome sizes, shapes and angles, including low Naples-style domes. When properly cut and assembled, a cardboard pizza oven mold is rigid enough to hold hundreds of pounds of castable material, and at the same, it can be easily removed from the opening of the oven after the dome casting has dried and become hard, without requiring any power tools or mechanical assistance, and it’s easy to recycle.

Sand, on the other hand, is much more difficult to shape and work with, it’s more expensive to purchase and you end up with a large pile of sand that can be difficult, or even costly to dispose of, of recycle.

You can purchase cardboard models made by Biscottto di Sorrento, or you can download the company’s set of plans for building your own cardboard mold for free.