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Caputo Tipo 00 Chefs Flour

Caputo Tipo 00 Chefs flour was developed specifically for pizza-making in a conventional, 500ºF oven.

From the company’s own description on Amazon:

The Chef’s flour is a general purpose, high gluten flour that works well for many recipes. You can use it for pizza crust, pasta making, bread, and pastries. 

“Tipo 00” refers to how refined the flour is, and indicates that it is refined further than regular flour, and that results in using less of the outer parts of the wheat, while also creating a very finely ground product. Tipo “00” is the finest grade of flour milled in Italy, and it has a consistency similar to baby powder. 

We recommend that Chef’s Flour be used for those who want to bake in their traditional home oven. This flour is great for home ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit! If you are looking for a flour that works well in higher temperature ovens, we suggest you try our Caputo “00” Pizzeria Flour Blue.