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Burner Overview

Many professionally-made steel and refractory pizza ovens offer gas burners, but adding a burner to a site-built refractory oven is a little bit more complicated. While the ovens made by professionals have the proper certification done by testing labs, such CSA, ETL, UL, for their burner installed in their oven, and the two companies that make burners for refractory ovens, Avanzini Bruciatori and Vamparossa, both have certification for site-installed burners, those burners are not tested specifically in a site-built oven. Maybe we’re being overly cautious.

Regards, whatever you do, don’t install a handmade, or re-purposed barbecue burner in a pizza oven. The pizza oven dome could fill up with gas and be susceptible to an extremely dangerous explosion. Saving a few dollars and/or not wanting to light a wood fire in your pizza oven is not a good enough reason to put your life at risk!