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How do you build a Naples-style pizza oven?

There’s an easy way and a hard way.

Naples ovens are known for their aggressive, low oven dome, and tall soldier course, creating a unique oven design. Plus the ovens are build around a metal oven opening that incorporates the facade, the landing and the vent, typically made with cast iron and less often with stainless steel. The oven opening is set after the oven stand and floor insulation are build, and before the oven bricks are laid.

Can you build one by hand using a Biscotto stone oven floor and firebrick dome at your house or restaurant the way the professionals do it?

I think it’s a big ask. If you’re an experienced mason, you’ve got a shot, but you’re still going to need to manage the lateral thrust of the low oven dome, and find a qualified (and affordable!) metal shop to partner with for the oven entry parts. And even then, you’re still up for a lot of work.

Another option, more cost-effective and a lot easier, is to buy a precast oven kit that features a low oven dome design. Here’s a table with some example oven dome height to oven floor radius ratios. Of course, its a lot easier to get a low dome by percentage when you are building or buying a larger oven.

Oven WidthDome HeightDome Height/Radius RatioOpening HeightOpening WidthOpen Height/Dome Height RatioOpening Height/Opening Width RatioOpening Width/Floor Width Ratio
Gozney 7529.513.893%8.116.159%50%55%
Giardino 6023.613.0110%9.516.073%59%68%
Giardino 7023.613.0110%9.516.073%59%68%
Mugnaini 6023.60%8.314.059%59%
Mugnaini 7529.50%8.314.059%47%
Gozney 10039.314.976%8.818.659%47%47%
Casa 8031.415.095%10.017.067%59%54%
Casa 9035.415.085%10.017.067%59%48%
Casa 10039.316.081%10.520.066%53%51%
Chicago 8028.012.589%8.517.068%50%61%
Chicago 10039.013.569%10.021.074%48%54%
Modena 12048.016.569%10.522.064%48%46%