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Bread Stone Ovens (company)

Bread Stone Ovens is a US-based distributor of commercial and residential ovens made in France by Four Grand Mere (Grandmother’s Oven) in France. They are located in Texas, and sell high-end (read very very expensive) oven kits for homeowners and restaurants. Their ovens feature both cast domes, and a true-brick dome interior encased in traditional refractory material, making it possible to install a brick oven by assembling precast pieces, the same way you would with a precast oven kit. Their ovens have a lot of thermal mass, which might be a problem for mainstream homeowners, and they come with a good quantity of high-end insulation. They sell primary direct, and through their website. Compared with other high-end pre-cast and brick ovens, their products are very expensive, though if you are looking for a modular brick oven that can be installed more quickly than a precut brick pizza oven kit that needs to be assembled one brick at a time, they are a good option.