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Biscotto Stones

Biscotto stones are replacement stones for popular portable, countertop and mid-size steel pizza ovens and grills, such as Ooni, Gozney, Carbon, Alfa, Fontana, Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, that improve the oven or grill’s performance. The standard pizza stone, or baking stone, that comes with these ovens is either inexpensive cordierite or standard firebrick, and is typically too thin to produce either great pizzas or multiple pizzas in a row.

A Biscotto stone replacement accessory is a thicker pizza stone, or baking stone, that is made using Biscotto di Sorrento, a nature clay material found in Sorrento, Italy. Biscotto stones are handmade, air-dried and then fired in a brick-lined, wood-fired kiln at 1900ºF. A modern pizza oven with a Biscotto stone store high temperatures more efficiently than a cordierite stone, and transfers it to the pizza bottom more slowly, allowing you to make traditional Pizza Napoletana at very high, 850ºF temperatures without burning the bottom of the pizza.

Replacement Biscotto stones are available from Biscotto di Sorrento (Virginia, US), Biscotto Stones International (Norway), and Biscotto Pizza Stones (Naples, Italy). Only Biscotto di Sorrento stocks Biscotto stones in the US for free, fast, local shipping.