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Beware of bullsh*t charges from producers

Just a heads up when you are shopping for a heavier refractory pizza oven, pizza oven kit, or DIY pizza building materials—beware of bulls*t charges, such as pallet fees, crate fees and loading fees. For example, building materials suppliers might try to stick a multi-hundred dollar pallet fee on your $500 materials purchase—we’ve seen it first-hand.

Refractory pizza oven suppliers and oven kits suppliers can definitely do the same thing. Some go to the extreme of charging you to pull the oven and then crate the oven, along with a shipping fee—where they mark-up the actual LTL shipping cost. For example, Bread Stone Ovens does this.

Consider this an FYI that you should look closely at the quote from any oven or materials supplier. These stupid extra fees are simply part of the price of their ovens that they are trying to hide from you. Shame on them for doing it, and don’t be afraid to say something if you see it.