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Barrel Vault Enclosure

A barrel vault enclosure uses the barrel vault architectural design, found in some brick and steel oven chamber designs, as its exterior design. You’ll typically find a barrel vault enclosure around a barrel vault oven, both in steel ovens—most mid-size steel ovens have a powder-coated or stainless steel exterior barrel vault enclosure, and in refractory ovens.

One attractive style of barrel vault enclosure features a rounded rear section of the enclosure, with a barrel vault the runs to the front of the oven. A barrel vault enclosure can also feature a decorative vent opening design.

There are a number of ways of building a barrel vault enclosure, much like the Igloo enclosure, where the shape of the barrel vault can be defined by applying a layer of vermiculite concrete over the oven’s insulating blankets, with chicken wire applied over the insulating blankets, and with thin rebar bent to shape the barrel vault. While it is possible to finish an exterior barrel vault enclosure with brick, stucco is the most widely used finish material.